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Together we support the reforestation of the rainforest

Wild natural cosmetics for people who care about the environment

With our products you support sustainable wild collection and access to bioactive Amazon raw materials from cultivation and actively help to protect wild rainforest areas. The Amazon flora is extremely rich and varied in palm and tree species with oil-rich fruits and seeds, which once again underlines how incomparable, unique and worth preserving the rainforest is.

Wild fruits only grow in an intact ecosystem, so the collectors with the wild collections become the guardians of the forest. We owe them the high quality of raw materials, which are carefully processed.

In addition, some of the seeds, nuts and plant parts are always left behind because they serve as a source of food for the animals. This means that the extraction of our ingredients does not harm nature.

More active ingredient - better results

Our products are made for people who love natural ingredients . Amazon jungle plants from the Amazon naturally contain a high concentration of active ingredients and support the natural beauty of your skin. The sustainable collection of wild plants enables raw materials with maximum nutrient density. You will look in vain for synthetic high-performance formulations with cheap fillers, because we know that our bodies process natural substances better.

Proven experience with the active ingredients of plants gives us the opportunity to guarantee natural and visible beauty effects. We only work with natural ingredients that have a proven effect on our skin.

Individual formulations without greenwashing

To bring you the best skincare, we use the freshest and rawest ingredients. We know the origin of our raw materials and rely on a high level of quality. The wild raw materials are as fresh as possible and are analytically tested for purity.

Our raw material suppliers aim for the highest possible quality of their products. All of our products contain 100% natural, pure and many certified organic ingredients. We use preservatives based on essential and vegetable derivatives.

The promise of purity

We have no hidden pollutants. Our products are vegan, free from pesticides, plasticizers and microplastics and have been put together and produced with love and care.

We formulate products of high purity and quality without additives such as unnecessary preservatives, emulsifiers, colors and surfactants.

Gentle processing

The oil extraction processes during treatment are carried out under strict control of temperature and hygiene standards in order to obtain raw materials in the quality standards as they are then further processed by us.

In a specially developed process, the fruits and plants are processed gently and without the use of chemical processes in order to optimally use the specific properties of the individual plants. Our top priority is to preserve the natural quality of the fruit in the end product. This guarantees you the highest possible product safety and maximum active ingredient yield.

What do the indigenous peoples know

Mindfulness and respect of primitive peoples is the cornerstone for a deep understanding of nature and its most original use for us. The indigenous people instinctively remain true to the roots of nature and live in harmony with it. Therefore, the forest dwellers have always had fascinating knowledge about plants and their effects and can make these life forces usable for people.

We draw on proven old experience and respect this knowledge. Thanks to ancient traditions, we discover the secrets of nature and can pass them on as product development. So you benefit from the combination of ancient knowledge of the primeval and forest dwellers and the most modern know-how from practice without a long and incomprehensible list of the ingredients of the so-called INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients).


The sustainable collection of wild fruits, their extraction and on-site bottling creates jobs and income for the forest communities and makes an important contribution to the survival of the Amazon rainforest for future generations . This provides the forest dwellers with a sustainable alternative to deforestation and slash-and-burn. The management gives us access to the wild jungle plants, which we in turn pack into our products.


The fair, partnership-based cooperation with the local population takes place via our partners and enables them to be economically independent. Our goal is a permanent, long-term cooperation.


Noticeable effects

Hardly any commercial raw material from a cultivated plant still has the same active ingredient content as wild jungle plants. You will feel this difference.

100% quality

Each new product is examined in independent laboratories to guarantee the purity of our products. In addition to sword metals, pesticides and microbiology, product-specific analyzes are also carried out.

No Plastic please

We are trying to get a little bit closer to this goal with our packaging and content. With small steps we will eventually reach the big goal. Become a part of it too.