Yes, all of our products are sustainably produced. We take great care in selecting the right ingredients for our products. We pay attention to a large proportion of wild-collected raw materials. With the wild collection, we enable the people in the Amazon to earn a sustainable income and thus a real alternative to the business of slash-and-burn or the sale of precious woods. Because wild fruits only grow in an intact ecosystem, each individual tree whose fruits are collected protects at least 400m² of untouched rainforest. This supports the sustainable use of the rainforest and the increase in added value through a natural product. What nature gives us and can do without makes our natural cosmetics an authentic, environmentally friendly beauty product.

Yes, our oils are all cold pressed. The oil extraction processes are carried out under strict temperature control in order to obtain raw materials of high, natural quality. In small but modern oil manufactories in the Amazon and new production methods, the valuable vegetable oils are pressed very gently and slowly. This cold pressing process preserves the valuable bioactive ingredients in the raw material in their original composition. The oils are 100% free of gluten, herbicides, pesticides and insecticides. All of our oils are unrefined, so the moisture-binding active ingredients such as phytosterols, lecithin, and others are retained.

Some of our ingredients are certified organic, the rest comes from wild collection. All plant parts are 100% collected from real biodiversity hotspots and are fully traceable. Wild plants have a higher density of active ingredients and the best ecological quality level. If you compare the active ingredient content of cultivated and wild plants, you can see that wild plants have a significantly higher bioresonance. Another reason why we want to bring you closer to exotic raw materials from wild primeval plants.


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All microbiological analyzes of our products are carried out by our local partner. Since production is an important part of quality assurance, numerous analyzes are carried out to guarantee the consistently high quality of the product. Before all raw materials are processed in production, they are analyzed by our partner for purity and quality. All legal provisions according to the EU cosmetics regulation are checked by an independent expert and certified on the basis of marketability certificates.

Cold-pressed organic wild vegetable oils, butters and waxes are packed with active ingredients. They penetrate deep into the skin and protect and regulate the natural skin function and skin barrier. They are completely absorbed by the skin because their structure corresponds to that of our skin fat. They penetrate deep and support the skin in its function. They strengthen, protect and regulate the natural skin function and skin protection barrier.

If you have any questions about the product, someone from our team is always there for you to answer them personally and advise you. Simply write your request to hello@skindigo.com. You can also find detailed information about ingredients and their use on our website.


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