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Beautiful skin with the help of nature. Very simple recipes to make yourself!

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Do-it-yourself masks are fun, cause less waste, are cheaper and are guaranteed to contain no harmful ingredients. It is like a little break for our facial skin, which is constantly exposed to the sun, stress, road dust, exhaust fumes and temperature fluctuations. And above all, they are easily stirred together with just a few ingredients. You may already have one or the other at home.

Our booklet shows you different masks that you can use depending on the condition of your skin. All of our ingredients are 100% natural! High potency superfoods and organic.

100% natural

With a mask you can do something good for your skin in just a few minutes to make it look fresher, clearer, finer and more radiant.

Whether with spirulina, turmeric or clay, take a little time for the face mask and the exposure. If you relax, you treat yourself and your skin to an extra dose of relaxation. A steam bath beforehand helps to open the pores. The skin is now warm, has good blood circulation and can absorb the active ingredients even better.
Have fun trying!

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