Microneedling, die Anti-Aging Geheimwaffe

Microneedling, the anti-aging secret weapon

One of the biggest advantages of microneedling is its wide range of uses. It can be used all over the body to improve the complexion.

Micro-needling is mainly used for skin rejuvenation, acne scars, sagging skin, pigment disorders, stretch marks and for general skin refinement. With a roller or pen, the very fine needles cause micro-injuries in the skin, which in turn stimulates the self-healing powers and has a restructuring effect on the collagen and elastin fibers. The breakdown of collagen is counteracted, the skin stem cells are stimulated to divide and form new, healthy cells.

The great thing about the microneedling treatment concept is that the treatment is simple, effective and innovative, provided you follow a few simple rules such as hygiene and needle length. Visible results and almost no downtime make this treatment so attractive.

Medical needling is a minimally invasive therapy procedure and should only be carried out by dermatologists. The puncture depth of the needles is significantly deeper, namely up to 2-3 millimeters. A numbing cream is usually applied before the treatment. Whether the treatment is uncomfortable or causes small bleeding depends on the needle length.

There are many different products on the market for personal use at home. A basic distinction is made between the electric microneedling pen and a derma roller. It is best to carefully approach the correct needle length and find a high-quality product. Manufacturers have different recommendations for treatment areas and purpose.

The right needle length

  • 0.25mm Improves the absorption of care products and active ingredient concentrates
  • 0.50mm Supports cell regeneration, suitable for cell regeneration and hyperpigmentation, for sun-damaged skin and slight wrinkles
  • 0.75mm- 1.00mm Suitable for deeper wrinkles and light scars
  • 1.50mm Supports the treatment of scars caused by burns, ops or acne, reduces large pores
  • 2.00 mm Reduces deep scars, burn scars, stretch marks and cellulite

In order to achieve good results, thorough preparation of the skin during a microneedling treatment is important and should be carefully observed. This includes the correct selection of the demaroller, the pre- and post-sterilization of the microneedling device, careful cleaning and disinfection of the skin area to be treated and, if necessary, the application of an anesthetic cream before the treatment.

Microneedling is more of a long-term application, as you do not see immediate results. The success of the treatment also depends on various factors such as age, state of health and the severity of the skin condition to be treated.

The treatment should be carried out regularly and for at least 2-6 months to stimulate the collagen fibers and achieve a lasting result.

The microneedling treatment should only be repeated when the skin has completely recovered and healed from the last treatment. The frequency of the treatment depends, among other things, on which needle length is used and how deep the treatment is. Peelings after needling should be avoided for a few days in order not to further irritate the skin.

It is best to use derma rollers with an extremely fine titanium alloy, which are very safe and effective. Compared to stainless steel, they are sharper, almost painless and last longer. Above all, the needles do not bend, which, when used correctly, allows a clean perforation of the skin surface and thus avoids "damaging" the skin. Titanium-alloyed derma rollers can be recognized by the fact that the needles consist of genuine medical individual needles.